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1. Great news: the audiobook of “Loose Woman” read by my humble self was picked up by Barnes & Noble for its NOOK app. It’s also available at Audible. The print and e-book can be ordered from your local bookstore, such as Ben McNally Books.

2. Who knew these days a ruptured appendix is not a death sentence, but rather can be treated with antibiotics not surgery? I found out the hard way, as I wrote in my blog starting March 3. I’m not dead — what could be more exciting than that?

3. Life Stories I, on Zoom at U of T, starts Tuesday, May 18 12:30-3:00 EST and continues for eight weeks.

4. Grateful to have just received my first AstraZeneca dose of the vaccine. Also glad my January 2 article in the Globe tackled vaccine hesitancy. Hope it helped.

Best wishes and stay strong, my friends. We’re getting there.




Announcing my new memoir: Loose Woman: my odyssey from lost to found. Now also available as an audiobook, read by the author.

Martha Henry, Canada’s leading actress, said, “I loved it! Fascinating reading. Beth’s journey from actor to writer is highly intriguing; the sojourn in France, the heart and soul of the book. Beth is a brilliant talent.”

LW Cover

In 1979, Canadian actor Beth Kaplan surprised herself by agreeing to live and work for four months in a community of intellectually disabled men in Provence. Her memoir Loose Woman, an intimate, sometimes hilarious tale with an unforgettable cast of characters, tells of her astonishing transformation from sexually adventurous, quasi-alcoholic actor into a resolute young woman embarking on a brand-new life.


“I loved reading this hugely enjoyable book, page turning and honest. And it’s funny! Any woman torn between motherhood and career will identify with this.” DAME HARRIET WALTER

“An amazing journey of the self. The writing is a joy, full of insight and humour. A beautiful, heartbreaking/heart-mending story.” SUZETTE COUTURE, screenwriter and producer

“Compulsive reading with very funny moments. Highly readable, entertaining, very moving.” ALAN STRATTON, multi-prize-winning author

“How very much to admire in these pages from a writer of such ability, who recreates ordinary moments from her experience with exacting clarity, ease and grace.” WAYSON CHOY, multi-prize-winning author

The print book can be ordered by your local bookstore, like Ben McNally or Chapters/Indigo, which will in turn order it from the distributor Ingram. Or: order your copy here.

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